Friday, July 24, 2015

....and awaaaaaayyy we go!

 photo pinkieyay_zpsc95b7de8.jpgThe Age of the zero-g nag has dawned - Cloudsdale 3 is now accepting character applications!

Please bear with us. We've been beating on this code for quite some time now, and we think we've worked out all the kinks, but we probably haven't thought to test absolutely everything. If something isn't working right, please contact a staffer in-game and let them know. And yes, you're not seeing many players logged in - there's a reason for that. We just started accepting character applications today! So tell your friends!

As soon as we start building up a decent player base, staff will see about beginning muckwide plots. Meantime (and all the time), don't hesitate to get out there on the station and RP your own stories!

Ponykind to the stars!