Friday, December 30, 2016



It's been quite some time since we saw much activity on Cloudsdale 3. As long as the muck is still running, it's still open - it's just that most of the playerbase we do have tend to come and go - thus, it's not uncommon to see the muck empty of loiterers.

There have been a few changes around the block, most notably to our staff. Artafactia is no longer with us, but we recently appointed Moonbeam to take a position we've been looking to fill for awhile - we call it the "Face" wizard. The Face's job (other than to do cool things with B.A. and Murdock) is to, essentially, be available. A helping hoof to answer questions, direct people to information, and generally be around, given that our head wizard and server wizard have busy RL schedules and aren't always able to do so.

So, if you see Moonbeam on (or any of our other staffers, or anypony at all, really), please don't be an evil brain from dimension X - say hello instead!

At any rate, C3 is still kicking and folks are still welcome to pop on, grab a ship, and create some RP fun. See you in the Equestrian stars!