C3 Policy / Character Applications

We at Cloudsdale 3 think of ourselves as a well-knit, friendly community of adults who can reasonably solve our own problems. All the same, a few ground rules need to be set. On this page you will find our current policies, information on how to get a character, and what types of characters are acceptable to create.

***By applying for and making use of a character on Cloudsdale 3, you are attesting that you both understand and agree to abide by any policies listed here, which are subject to change without notice. Please be sure you remain familiar with this section.***


We're good people here. The staff of C3 made a fun little text-based RPG for ponies and furries in space because we want to have a good time, and we want all our players to have a good time and make friends too, because Friendship is Magic. We're not interested in throwing our weight around or power tripping. By the same token, we cannot account for every single situation that might cause a problem on the MUCK, and we do not want disruptive players to be able to refer back to this page and say "but I didn't do that, so it's okay".

Please understand the MUCK is not a democracy. Therefore, we're telling you now that problematic, disruptive, abusive, other otherwise inappropriate behavior as identified by staff, can potentially result in action - up to and including (but not limited to) warnings, restrictions, destruction of characters, and/or banning. Yes, this is a grey area, and yes, we're using it to cover our backsides. This rule is not intended as micromanagement - we're all adults here, and as such, please don't expect the staff to jump in and start slapping people on the wrist because so-and-so wouldn't play out a scene the way you wanted them to, aren't spending enough time with you, don't like your ideas, don't want to talk to you, et cetera. We're interested in hearing about situations involving behavior that is impairing the ability of others to enjoy the MUCK.

Basically what we're saying is that if we, the staff, see a problem that is worthy of us dealing with, we will deal with it. We do, however, want to hear about situations that players believe to be problems worthy of being brought to our attention - nobody is going to get upset that you're trying to help out with curbing trouble.

Age Policy

No adult content exists on this website. The MUCK itself however is subject to such content, which may include, but not be limited to, depictions of graphic violence and/or sexuality. As a result, persons under the age of 18 in the United States, or the older of age 18 and whatever the age of adult consent is in the country you're connecting from, are NOT permitted to connect to Cloudsdale 3 AT ALL. Even guest connects who admit to being under the aforementioned age will be asked to leave, or possibly even booted off and banned upon discovery by staff.

That said, understand the common sense behind this rule. We are not the internet police. We do not have the ability to check IDs, track you, or otherwise prove that you are who and what you claim to be. Therefore, if you end up lying to us about your age to get access to the MUCK, and are subsequently exposed to material inappropriate for view by minors - that is a direct result of YOUR dishonesty, and it is therefore YOUR/your guardian's fault that it has happened, not ours. Cloudsdale 3 MUCK cannot, and will not, assume responsibility for access by a minor who has misrepresented themselves to us. Minors are expected to be under the legal guardianship of an adult - we suggest looking to the adult in question for responsibility over the minor in question's actions.

Any characters that end up being created as a result of misrepresentation of the related player's age will be immediately destroyed, and the related player banned, upon discovery. No questions asked.

Now then, on to character creation!

How to Create a Character on Cloudsdale 3

Creating a character on Cloudsdale 3 couldn't be easier - just log into the MUCK as a guest and read the description of the first room you appear in (Airlock #9). Then use what you read to make your character!

Remember - by creating a character on Cloudsdale 3, you are attesting that you understand and agree to abide by everything you're reading on this page, so be certain to read it all!

Please bear in mind that the alt limit on Cloudsdale 3 is four. This means that you may not have more than four characters at any given time. Also, please bear in mind that you will need to set a few things on your new character before he, she, they, or it will be granted access to the majority of the MUCK. This is relatively simple and directions for what to do are on C3's bulletin boards, which you can read once you've logged in.

Read on below to find out what kinds of characters you can make on Cloudsdale 3!

Character Types

Unacceptable Character Types

Humans/Avatars - This does not mean you cannot play a character that features aspects of your real self. By lumping these together, what we're basically saying is no just straight up making yourself as a character. No bronies in Equestria, either.

Demihumans - Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits, etc just don't really fit in with the theme of C3. This is something of a gray area - if you have an original idea that borders on this, we may still accept it, so you're free to ask.

Characters exceeding 8' in height - Because the station was not built to house such large characters, and Smaug flying around in a starship is just silly. Remember, ponies are only about 3-4' tall to begin with!

Overpowered characters - MUCKs are about working together to create a mutually interesting story for us all to enjoy. Being a godmode monster killer thingy is for video games, or games one can 'win'. You can have supernatural powers, magic, tech - all that's fine. But if you could give Princess Celestia a run for her money in a one-on-one fight, with or without your kit (starships not withstanding, we have different guidelines for those) you are too powerful for C3.

Gods, Angels, Demons, and their brethren - See the above.

Alicorns/Draconequui - See the above.

Changelings - This rule may be subject to change in the future, as C3's story grows. For now however, no matter what may exist in the fandom, changelings as depicted in the MLP canon are evil hive monsters and the enemy of ponykind. If one showed up on the station, the crew would likely be looking for a way to exterminate it.

Characters from the MLP canon - Cloudsdale 3 is set in the year 2121 - more than a century after the events of the MLP canon. Almost every character that exists on the show is either extremely venerable or long dead by now. Those few canon characters who are either immortal or so long-lived that they would still be in viable condition are all NPCs - check the world of C3 section to find out what they're up to now. No, you can't play them. Please come up with an original character.

Acceptable Character Types (including, but not limited to!)

Members of any canon MLP race not specifically excluded above - unicorns, pegasi, earth ponies (and all of their crystal pony equivalents), griffons, baby/teenage dragons, breezies, diamond dogs, yaks, donkeys, zebras, minotaurs, goats - any sapient MLP race (examples - manticores are not sapient; the Tantabus is not a race).

Modified MLP canon races - This is a big gray area - what we're talking about here are things like bat ponies, ghost ponies, goo ponies, ponies with so many cybernetic implants that they're basically cyborgs now, etc. These are not 'races' in and of themselves, but may still be acceptable if you have a good reason for how yours came to exist.

Descendants/Kin - No, you can't play Pinkie Pie. But you could play Pinkie Pie's great-grandson, who has a very similar personality to great gramma! Keep in mind that a 'generation' is roughly 25 years, and a century has gone by since the canon. If you're going to play kin to a canon character, we suggest you do some homework before applying. Get on the MUCK as a guest and ask around to see if anybody is already playing kin to your chosen family. Maybe you can work something out with them.

Anthropomorphic (in this case humanoid) "aliens" - Sapient furries come from their own planets, and (with very few exceptions) are not native to Equestria. They are acceptable character types so long as they otherwise fit within the guidelines on this page.

Kemonomimi - Kemonomimi are anime-inspired humanoids with animal features. The quintessential 'catgirl' falls within this category. These would also be alien races - they're about as close as you can get to 'humans' and still be allowable.

Non-humanoid aliens - A 'humanoid' is a creature that has two definable arms, legs, walks erect, etc. Most 'furries' are humanoid, but certainly not all! If you can come up with an interesting example of a sapient Horta, insect, goo creature, something that walks on all-fours but isn't MLP canon, etc - that's what we're talking about here.

Players are encouraged to create characters from additional races that exist on the MUCK (you'd have to log on and check the race bulletin board), or to just make up their own alien race. When creating a character for Cloudsdale 3, don't let the above lists kill your creativity - when in doubt? Make it. The worst we can do is refuse to approve you, and we won't fault you for trying.