Friday, December 30, 2016



It's been quite some time since we saw much activity on Cloudsdale 3. As long as the muck is still running, it's still open - it's just that most of the playerbase we do have tend to come and go - thus, it's not uncommon to see the muck empty of loiterers.

There have been a few changes around the block, most notably to our staff. Artafactia is no longer with us, but we recently appointed Moonbeam to take a position we've been looking to fill for awhile - we call it the "Face" wizard. The Face's job (other than to do cool things with B.A. and Murdock) is to, essentially, be available. A helping hoof to answer questions, direct people to information, and generally be around, given that our head wizard and server wizard have busy RL schedules and aren't always able to do so.

So, if you see Moonbeam on (or any of our other staffers, or anypony at all, really), please don't be an evil brain from dimension X - say hello instead!

At any rate, C3 is still kicking and folks are still welcome to pop on, grab a ship, and create some RP fun. See you in the Equestrian stars!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Staff Enhancements


Cloudsdale 3 is pleased to announce a new addition to our staff - Artafactia! Arty is a friendly mare of good social graces, who likes to get people roleplaying, and thus it was decided that she would be a perfect fit as our new plot/story staffer.

Offer her a vote of congratulations if you see her on the station!

Friday, May 20, 2016

....aaaaand We're Back!

Cloudsdale 3 is now officially reopened to the public!

Let me be the first to offer my apologies. The problem we were recovering from involved catastrophic data loss. Lessons have been learned and safeguards to prevent such a thing from happening again have been put in place, but the damage is done. We had to roll the server back to three months ago. I therefore profusely apologize - any characters who were just made in the last three months no longer exist, and players will need to recreate them from scratch. We tried every recovery method we could think of, and we are very sorry for the inconvenience. Staff will assist with any questions or concerns you may have - you need only ask.

On the other hoof, C3 is back and better than ever, with some of our original processes streamlined and better explanations for the automatic character creation process. So if you're returning to us or deciding now is the time to sate your curiousity, there's no better time than the present!

Ponykind to the Stars!!

Server Updates

Cloudsdale 3 remains in maintenance mode for staff access only until such time as I can complete repairs to the database. I apologize for the slow progress on this, but I have a wedding, a birthday party, AND a graduation, all on this one weekend. Ah, life!

Back soon!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Down Time


Cloudsdale 3 is experiencing technical difficulties, and the server is currently down. We expect the trouble to be cleared up within 24 hours, and will post an update if for some reason this does not happen as scheduled.

We apologize for the inconvenience!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Major Changes to Character Creation Process


We are pleased to announce that Cloudsdale 3 has recently undergone a considerable and convenient change with regards to the creation of new characters. Now, instead of having to apply for a character through this website and wait to be approved, players can log directly into the muck and make characters themselves! All you need to do is log in as a guest and read the description in the main room, Airlock #9, for directions on how to create your character and prepare them for approval by staff.

We hope that this change, by eliminating one of two separate staff approval processes, will make character creation a simpler, more streamlined process. For experienced MUCKers, all you really need to do is make your character, complete your finger info, desc yourself, ask to be reviewed by staff for approval, and you're done - all of which you can do while logged in!

Be advised that all the same rules regarding understanding of the MUCK's policies still apply - by creating a character, you are attesting to the fact that you have read and understand everything under the 'Policy' and 'Apply' tabs on this website!

Ponykind to the stars!!

Friday, January 29, 2016

RP Board and Action on the Horizon!


C3 now has a new bulletin board! Board 9 is the place to post links to any RP logs you'd like to share with the rest of our playerbase. Did something happen to the station we all need to know about? Just wanna show off your character development exploits! Board 9 is the place to do it!

To access the boards on the muck, just use the +bbread system, or ask a staffer for help (type 'staff' on muck to get a list of who our current staffers are).


Muckwide plot is looming on the horizon! Watch out for action, drama, space battles, and potential pirate raids!

Ponykind to the stars!