Friday, April 1, 2016

Major Changes to Character Creation Process


We are pleased to announce that Cloudsdale 3 has recently undergone a considerable and convenient change with regards to the creation of new characters. Now, instead of having to apply for a character through this website and wait to be approved, players can log directly into the muck and make characters themselves! All you need to do is log in as a guest and read the description in the main room, Airlock #9, for directions on how to create your character and prepare them for approval by staff.

We hope that this change, by eliminating one of two separate staff approval processes, will make character creation a simpler, more streamlined process. For experienced MUCKers, all you really need to do is make your character, complete your finger info, desc yourself, ask to be reviewed by staff for approval, and you're done - all of which you can do while logged in!

Be advised that all the same rules regarding understanding of the MUCK's policies still apply - by creating a character, you are attesting to the fact that you have read and understand everything under the 'Policy' and 'Apply' tabs on this website!

Ponykind to the stars!!