Monday, August 31, 2015

Off and Galloping!


C3 would like to take a moment to express its thanks to all the new players who have decided to give our little slice of MLP-MUCKdom a try. Our playerbase is still relatively small - we've only been around since July after all, and it is still possible to log in at a given time of day and find no other logins...but we're getting there! Primary activity appears to be in the evenings, but there is the potential for a little play in the morning and afternoon (our admin tends to be less nocturnal, for one). Guests logins have access to The Hungry Ursa, our OOC player lounge, and are welcome to trot on in and say hi to whomever's there!

If you need help or aren't sure about a command and nopony is around to ask, make sure to check out our bulletin boards! Board 7 in particular was designed specifically for player help. There is a lot of useful information on other boards as well, such as ship backgrounds, crew manifests, and ideas for characters!